Celebrities Who Support the Arts (Part 2)

Celebrities Who Support the Arts (Part 2)

As a continuation of the piece on 5 celebrities who give time and money to charitable foundations, there was no problem finding 5 (and many) more who dedicate themselves to philanthropic measures aimed at the arts. Because of the lack of funding in public schools, many of these endeavors are specific to giving children and teens the ability to flourish through creative mediums.

The celebrities below are just some who do so:

Elton John

Sir Elton John, well-known singer/songwriter is no slouch when it comes to his charitable works. Elton gives to over twenty various charities around the world. In his native England, John supports the National Youth Theatre, a nonprofit devoted to the social, personal and educational development of teens using the creative arts. Founded in 1956, the theatre was lauded as the first youth theatre in the world, and has fostered many of today’s celebrities like Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl), Dame Helen Mirren (the Queen), Colin Firth (A Single Man) and Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln). Those celebrities have gone on to pay it forward with their own philanthropic work.

The theatre has taught many of the London youth the love of Shakespeare and given them a lifelong appreciation of acting.

Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren has been nominated and honored with numerous awards, including the Golden Globes, the Oscars, and BAFTA. As mentioned above, Mirren took part in the National Youth Theatre program and has gone on to give to over a dozen charities. Dame Mirren chose literature as the art in which she donates. Book Aid International gives books to disadvantaged youth from 12 countries, including Africa and Palestine. The nonprofit distributes books and journals every year to libraries, schools, hospitals and refugee camps and brings the powerful gift of imagination into the hands of children.

Jennifer Hudson

Oscar and Grammy Award Winner Jennifer Hudson was blessed with the gift of music and she gives back by supporting to Save the Music Foundation. With budget cuts in public schools, many children who could benefit and thrive through the arts fall through the cracks. Through VH1’s Save the Music Foundation, partnerships are formed with the schools districts to donate new musical instruments to elementary and middle schools. Many children who would not be able to afford to play music can do so through the work of the foundation and to those who donate like Ms. Hudson.

John Mayer

Award winner John Mayer has captivated audiences with his musical talents and songwriting. Many creative artists continue to give back by supporting foundations that offer the gift of support to those who do not have access to it. MusiCares, in association with Grammy.org, gives to needy musicians financial, medical and personal resources to get back on their feet. The organization is also heavily involved in human services issues that impact the welfare of those in the musical community.

Bonnie Raitt

Grammy Award winner Bonnie Raitt gives to Little Kids Rock brings music to the most economically disadvantaged public school districts. Aimed at giving children musical instruments and giving teachers instructions to educate the children, the organization offers ongoing donations to give instructors music curriculum in schools helping them to launch public school music programs like school marching bands.

Though budget cuts in public schools seem to keep the arts in public schools a bleak enterprise, celebrities are giving back and letting children in neglected communities know that there is hope.