George Clooney supports the arts

George Clooney supports the arts

In part three of top five celebrities who support the arts, their involvements in nonprofits spread care, tolerance and help to those around the world using different art mediums. Of the five celebrities featured, there is  a knight, a chef and an Ocean:


Sting has been devoted to bringing the arts, specifically in music, to disadvantaged youth across the world.  The singer-songwriter has donated his time and money to many different music-related charities, including Harmony Sistema England, a charity that spreads music and the values of Venezuela’s El Sistema to English youth; Musicians on Call, an organization that provides patients in healthcare facilities with live and recorded music; and Society of Singers, a foundation that protects the health and welfare of professional singers around the globe.

George Clooney

Known as one of the most charitable celebrities, of films like Ocean’s 11, George Clooney’s charity donates millions of dollars to relief funds for countries devastated by natural disasters. In fact, Clooney was named the United Nations Messenger of Peace in 2008 for his efforts at raising awareness about philanthropic initiatives. According to Look to the Stars, Clooney is involved in over 20 charities, including Cinema for Peace which promotes tolerance through film.

Ben Affleck

Like George Clooney, Ben Affleck is also involved with Cinema for Peace, as well as other charities that spread care through artistic mediums — one of which is Milk + Bookies: a nonprofit organization that instills the love of literature to youth. Working with public schools, Milk + Bookies, aids in increasing literacy to young children, and offers donors the opportunity to donate money and books.

Kelly Liken

One of the lesser known celebrities in the list, head chef and Vail restaurateur who was runner up on Bravo’s Top Chef (Season 7). Liken, a lover of gardner and farm to table cuisine, launched a gardening initiative for kids called Sowing Seeds. Though not necessarily considered an artistic medium, many landscape architects would disagree. Through her nonprofit she founded, Sowing Seeds emphasizing the importance of nutrition, agriculture, and sustainability, the pilot program teaches kids of Brush Creek Elementary School in Eagle, CO—how to grow and sell their produce at the farmer’s market.

Sir Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney, a Beatle and lead for the band Wings, has involvement in over 40 charities, including ones associated with the arts. MusiCares, an organization many musicians and celebrities donate to, gives crucial financial, medical and housing care to musicians who are in desperate need of aid. The nonprofit offers help in placing homeless music veterans to get them on their feet during hardships.

There are countless celebrities who use their money, prestige and philanthropy to donate to hundreds of charities. These are just five examples of the wonderful pool of famous stars who give back.