Lady Gaga, Philanthropist

Lady Gaga, Philanthropist

Lady Gaga’s performance at the Oscars surprised those who only know her as a larger-than-life eccentric performer. But another surprising fact may be her multiple philanthropic works – especially those aimed to open possibilities to youth in dire need of education, shelter and other aid.

Monster Ball Philanthropy

Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball

Gaga recently raised over $80,000 and 30,000 hours of volunteer service from fans to aid homeless youth organizations. Through her Monster Ball Tour, where she partnered with Virgin Mobile, fans were offered VIP tickets to offer their community service to youth endangered and indigent teens.

A few more recipients Gaga backs is the National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH). As a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and ending of the homelessness of youth, NAEH and Re*Generation organizations have received support through Gaga’s celebrity. To inspire the youth at the homeless facility, Lady Gaga visited in full regalia and signed autographs. Re*Generation also partners with another non-profit, Green Chimneys, that opens avenues for LGBTQ, runaways and youth with emotional, learning and social issues.

Gaga also recently formed a duet with Tony Bennett for the Cheek to Cheek Tour (that has added more tour dates due to its popularity) to award organizations with youth-targeted programs and services that benefit the community. The winners of the are afforded VIP tickets and backstage passes. The 2015 tour comes out of a partnership between Exploring the Arts (co-founded by Bennett) and Born This Way Foundation (co-founded by Lady Gaga) — both committed to youth advancement.

Cheek To Cheek Tour

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga Tour

Though Lady Gaga’s heart is in the betterment of devastating conditions of needy youth, she lends her time and support to a surprising number of organizations — just some of them are listed below:

Those who are surprised by Lady Gaga’s idiosyncratic personas can add philanthropist to the list.